The Mesa sandal is a true CC classic style. Fits great with its velcro strap around the ankle. And adorned with brand new hand studded solid brass studs. A simple but bold art design. Featuring our EVA foam platform sole with a molded arch support for added comfort.

Be bold, be seen. 

Calleen Cordero shoes and accessories are made with longevity in mind, using the finest leathers and componentry from the start.  Our leathers and artwork get better with wear and age, they take on the fine creases of daily wear and patinas that result from natural exposure to the elements, however like our own skin, all leathers need regular care to bring out their best. Regular wear and tear will also have its effects on all materials no matter what components. The life of your shoes and accessories depends on the care you give them. The following are some simple guidelines for caring for your Calleen Cordero shoes and accessories.

Care for leathers:
-Keep leather surface clean and dry. Use a soft cloth. For suede we recommend a specialized brush.
-Treat leathers to protect against rain and moisture with a non-alkaline formula as recommended by your cobbler.
-Always use products intended for the type of leather you are treating. Suede, vachetta, nubuck, and nappas each require different modes of care. Consult with a leather care professional for expert advice.
-Test treatments on a concealed part of the shoe lest the product has an adverse effect on the color of the leather.
-If leather should get wet, pat dry with a soft cloth.
-Allow to dry at room temperature, do not place by a heater for faster results.
-Store your shoes and accessories in a cool, dry place. Leather color will change if left in direct light for a prolonged period.

 Care for artwork:

-Brass, Nickel and Copper artwork will naturally patina overtime, especially if sitting unused for periods of time.  Once you start using the item again the patina should wear and the metal will shine again.  However if you want to speed up this process or you want more shine to your artwork you can use a jewelry cloth.  In some occasions a very small amount of BrassO can be applied to a cloth and carefully applied to the artwork, trying hard to not get on the leather itself.

-Black artwork will have a natural wear to it, rubbing off in areas that get touched often, once this has happened it can’t be refinished, it is best to just enjoy this organic aging process.

Care for soles:
-Most of our shoes have leather soles. We recommend having a rubber protective sole added by your cobbler to extend their life. The rubber will adhere better to a slightly scuffed up sole. It will protect the leather from water damage and will prolong the life of your shoes. You can replace this sole as often as your wear dictates, all the while the leather sole will stay in perfect condition enabling many years of wear.
-Styles, often our wood bottoms, that come with rubber outsoles should also be regularly maintained. Replace them at your local cobbler as soon as you are near wearing through. If you end up walking on the wood or cork it might not be remediable.
-If you have had a rubber sole put on, or own a pair that comes as such, you might find the sole pulling away from the shoe, don’t fret, this happens on occasion, often to do with humidity levels. Its easily remedied by a cobbler who will use a flexible glue and apply timed and measured pressure to re-secure the sole. Please note not to use crazy glue at home, this will not hold and may damage your shoes.

-Heel taps should be replaced instantly if they come off. Calleen Cordero use high quality natural rubber taps that should wear down slowly, but taps come off on all shoes on occasion. For example, stepping on a grate could pull at tap off a shoe.
-If a tap wears down or comes off and is not remedied quickly one risks wearing down the actual heel and tearing the leather on a covered heel. This is a much more difficult fix for your cobbler.